Bag A BOGOF With Sky Bingo

There are some online bingo sites that give you a small window of opportunity for BOGOF games. This is understandable because it is essentially giving away a free bingo game for everyone purchased and if a bingo site ran like that all the time, it might not make a lot of money. However, Sky Bingo has always been a site that prides itself on value for its customers and they provide two full days of BOGOF offers. If you are at a loose end on a Monday or a Tuesday but don’t want to spend too much money, this could be the perfect solution for your needs.

The BOGOF fun on the Monday takes place in the value room so this means that the prices are low but the fun is high. There may not be a lot of money to be won in the value room at Sky Bingo but there are plenty of games and sometimes any win a great bonus. If you grabbed the no deposit bingo bonus available for signing up for the site, you should be able to have plenty of free bingo fun on the site without having to dig too deeply into your own pockets.

The BOGOF fun on Tuesday moves into the premium room and this is where the action starts to hot up a bit. Yes, the bingo tickets are a bit more expensive in this room but as you are still getting 2 for the price of 1, you are still getting a great deal of value. This is why Sky Bingo is a popular choice from any bingo directory and is a good choice for many bingo players. If all you are looking for is a bingo site that provides plenty of games at an affordable price, it is hard to think of too many sites that are better.

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Fabulous Bingo

Fabulous bingo is an exciting and vibrant bingo and gaming site, on the Gamesys network used by Jackpotjoy, which offers players the chance to get involved in their favourite games without having to set one foot outside the house. Many of us love to play games such as bingo, online slots and casino games, but we don’t have the time, resources or inclination to go out to a bingo club or casino to enjoy these games. With sites like Fabulous bingo you can play as and when you feel like it from the comfort of your own home, which is ideal for those who struggle to get out due to other commitments or time constraints.

Usability of Fabulous bingo

The Fabulous bingo homepage is a very colourful, vibrant and exciting one, which gets you psyched up for some fun and entertainment as soon as you log on. You don’t need to download anything, which makes the site quick and easy to use. There is also live help available in the event that you run into any problems. There are links along the top of the page, which will help you to get around the site with ease and speed too, so you don’t have to waste any time before getting started with the games.

Choice of games at Fabulous bingo

A great choice of games awaits you at Fabulous bingo, so no matter what sorts of games you prefer to play you will always have something to keep you entertained and occupied. Of course, the classic online bingo games will be a firm favourite amongst many players. However, when you need a break or if you prefer other games you can also play the exciting virtual slot machines or try your hand on the virtual table games.

Incentives offered by Fabulous bingo

When you make your first deposit at Fabulous bingo you will benefit from a generous bonus, which means that you money will go much further and you can enjoy even more fun and entertainment. Special games and tournaments are also available at Fabulous bingo and you can enjoy special VIP bonus games. A small, free bonus when you register will make it possible to try out the games before you invest any money. You can also enjoy daily promotions, the refer a friend scheme, and more.

Payment methods available with Fabulous bingo

There are a number of different payment methods you can choose from with Fabulous bingo so all you need to do is choose the one that is best suited to your needs and you can then make deposits with speed and ease.

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Lotto Numbers are Your Ticket to Dream

Choosing your lotto numbers and purchasing a ticket gives you a chance at a wonderful daydream. Everyone knows there are real winners in the Lotto, but it still is a game of chance. The one thing that is assured with the purchase of your Lotto numbers is the ability to daydream for a little while. Sit back and enjoy your opportunity to decide how you will spend all that money if your lucky numbers are drawn in the lotto drawing.

There are a number of games available for you to enjoy and select lottery numbers for giant jackpot winnings. Pick your favourite game and allow your dreams to take flight. While you may or may not win the big jackpot, the daydreams you can have are priceless. The lottery numbers that you select could be your ticket to living the good life and funding your wildest dreams. Whether you dream of a tropical vacation or a shopping spree in your favourite store, the lotto numbers that you select give you the starting point for your dreams.

What’s even better is playing your lottery numbers is fun. You can purchase your tickets, pool your resources with friends, family and coworkers or eagerly wait for the draw to find out if you are the big winner. When the jackpots get really big, you can have a party for friends and family to gather and watch the draw together. Serve drinks and snacks for your guests while you enjoy the possibility of your big winnings.

So, consider how you would spend your winnings if your special lotto numbers are the winning numbers. Would you plan a holiday trip? Or would you buy the home you’ve always dreamed about. How about funding your own business? The sky’s the limit when you are dreaming about your lottery numbers and the giant jackpot that could be yours. Dream big and plan how you will spend all that money if you hit the big jackpot prize. You have to pick your lotto numbers, though, to make sure you get your chance at the jackpot. So pick the game you like and choose your lottery numbers.

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Online Casino for a Fun Night At Home

If heading off to the casino is your idea of a fun night out, but it doesn’t quite fit in your schedule or budget, how about an online casino for some fun entertainment, free slot machines and much more. Sites such as Casino Wonga have all the games you love to play in one convenient site and includes some of the best slot machines with big payouts available for you to play anytime you want.

There are a number of benefits of playing online games with sites such as Casino Wonga, such as playing from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy some free slot machines while you curl up in your favourite easy chair and a big bowl of popcorn and win some real cash prizes. If poker is your game, put aside the slot machines for a little while and play a few hands at the tables. You can play a few hands of blackjack, spin the roulette wheel and pull the lever for some online slots without setting foot outside your door.

While playing at home with an online casino like Casino Wonga is more comfortable, it is also less expensive. You don’t have to spend your money on a babysitter, meal out and transportation. You can just sit back and relax enjoying your free slot machines or a rousing game of roulette at home. The online sites also provide you with a great variety of slot machines to choose from when you enjoy your gaming online.

Explore all the fun you can have with a site like Casino Wonga and the free slot machines that are waiting for you to enjoy. Play a few hands of poker or blackjack and don’t forget to spin the wheel for a chance at a big cash prize with a roulette game.

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Add to Your Bank Account with Online Roulette

online rouletteOnline roulette can be a fun way to pass the time, but the main reason to play roulette is the big giant cash prizes you can win on sites like Jackpot 247. For most people playing casino games online, it is the prospect of winning some very real cash that bring them to the virtual casino.

Online players can enjoy all the promotions and prizes with a number of sites. Play free roulette on a few different sites to take advantage of the many promotion deals. Promotions allow you to win tremendous prizes and big cash rewards. You can also get some great sign up bonuses when you open your account with some of the online casino sites. These spectacular deals alone make it worthwhile to play roulette online. Jackpot 247 is just one of the many sites offering amazing prizes and the chance to play roulette on the Internet.

The cash rewards are not the only benefit you get when you play roulette. One of the greatest benefits of playing online is the ability to put your feet up, dress in your comfy clothes and enjoy a spin of the roulette wheel in your own living room. Free roulette provides you with the ability to play at home and save the expense of a night out on the town. You don’t have to dress up, hire a sitter or buy a meal out. With the savings you gain from playing free roulette at home, you can play even more. Use the savings for a few more spins of the wheel and increase your chances of a giant cash reward.

When you take a look at the pros and cons of playing online roulette at sites like Jackpot 247 in your own home don’t forget the ability to play roulette anytime you choose. Online casinos are open at all times of the day or night so no matter where you are in the world or what time of the day it is where you are, a game of free roulette is just starting.

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Free Bingo Lets You Sample the World of Online Bingo

Online bingo is one of the fastest growing online games throughout the United Kingdom, and for anyone who has ever played there is little doubt as to why this is the case.  For those who have never tried online bingo before, however, it is easy to understand why players might be a little hesitant.  After all, not all games transfer as well into the online world as others, and making cash deposits to play a game before you know if you will even enjoy it can feel a little risky.  That is why top online bingo sites offer players the chance for free play.

With some sites, like XBingo, you will find that you are given a certain amount of free money to try out the site when you register.  This means that you can give the real money games a try before you are required to make a deposit, helping you to get a feel for both the game and the site.  With sites like City Bingo and Costa Bingo, you are offered the ability to participate in bingo rooms that are completely free.  The games work just like all of the other games on the site, but they cost you nothing so that you can determine if the game and the site are right for you.

One thing you will find among virtually all online bingo sites is that once you realize how much fun your free games are, you can receive a major boost with your first deposit.  Some sites offer a set amount, while others will match your first deposit up to 300%.  This can certainly give you a lot more money to play around with, and once you see how many side games and instant games are on offer and the great additional prizes that they can offer, you will find that there are many things you will want to do when you are in your favorite online bingo hall.

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Getting the Most for Your Money in Online Bingo

Online bingo can be a great way to pass the time, and it can be a great way to win real money as well.  There are a number of online bingo sites aimed specifically at players within the UK, and all of them offer a unique array of free bonuses and other incentives to get you to sign up.  Knowing which site is the best one for you is often a matter of preference.  Some people prefer the straightforward approach of bet365 bingo, while others may prefer the themed excitement of Bucky Bingo or the wide range of online game options of Brits Bingo.  Whatever your preferences, however, you want to be sure that you are getting the most for your money.

Let’s face it, even when a game costs only a few pence, you want it to be fun and to offer the chance for great payoffs, right?  So how do you get the most play for your money?  One thing to look into before making your first deposit is how the signup incentives work.  Some sites offer a specific amount of free money as long as you deposit a minimum amount on your first try, but others will offer a percentage bonus, such as matching your deposit or even adding 150% to your amount.  When you see an incentive like this, it can pay off to consider how much you really want to spend in order to get the most free play money possible.

Another thing to look at is how many free games the site offers that pay in cash.  Some sites offer a set time period each day for free games, while others offer a free game every certain number of minutes.  Take advantage of as much free play as possible while maximizing your start-up incentives and you will certainly get lots of play and ample opportunities for cash while investing very little money.

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Easy Signup for Online Bingo

Signing up with online bingo has never been easier. Gaming sites such as Dream Bingo, Blue Square Bingo and Boyle Bingo make it easy to sign up and get started playing within minutes. Once you register, you can play free games of bingo to get started and move on to super prize games. Setting up your online accounts is a simple way to buy cards and play in some of the major prize games available with online bingo.

Your information is secure with bingo sites like Boyle Bingo, Blue Square Bingo and Dream Bingo, which means no one can see your account information when you are playing your favourite games. Customer service is available to help you with your account set up and any technical difficulties you might have while playing.

Once you have your account set up, explore the sites and discover all the great games that are available for you to enjoy with online bingo. From scheduled games to daily and weekly specials, there is something for everyone to enjoy online. You are sure to find a game you love with prizes that add a little more excitement to playing bingo online. Dream Bingo offers daily bonus games, weekly promotions and much more for members. With Blue Square Bingo enjoy the featured games and giant jackpot prizes. While you’re enjoying the games on Boyle Bingo enjoy the jackpot and side games to keep you thoroughly entertained online.

With online bingo and some of the best loved sites, you can enjoy a rousing game all from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to check out the chat games to make friends and cheer each other on. Dream Bingo, Boyle Bingo and Blue Square Bingo make it easy to sign up and get started playing bingo and winning today.

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Online Bingo and Charity

For as long as bingo has been a part of American culture, the game has played an important role as a vehicle for charitable contributions.  The earliest recorded instance of a charity bingo game occurred in the early 1930′s, when the pastor of a small church in Denver, Colorado used the game to raise funds to repair their aging church building.  As a result of the church’s phenomenally successful fundraising efforts, bingo quickly became a staple of Christian fundraising, a role for which it is still well known today.

In recent years, bingo has enjoyed a resurgence thanks to the widespread interest in online gaming, spurred on by popular gambling games such as blackjack and poker.  As bingo has gradually gained a presence in online gaming arenas, charitable bingo tournaments have begun to exploit this new platform.  A wide array of online bingo websites, such as Foxy bingo and Bingo Giving now frequently sponsor charity events.  In these tournaments, a portion of admission costs is earmarked as a charitable donation.  In some cases, the sponsoring website will match funds earned from admissions, increasing the size of the donation.

Although bingo websites that sponsor charity events certainly do so for primarily altruistic reasons, there are fringe benefits which are appealing from a marketing perspective.  Well-known charitable organizations and celebrities bring large crowds to such tournaments.  This phenomenon typically results in an influx of new registrations for the site.  Bingo Hollywood essentially doubled in size after a major, sponsored charity bingo event.

Celebrities such as Courtney Cox, Paris Hilton, and Tori Spelling have all participated as players in charity bingo tournaments.  Some have even acted as callers for the game, broadcasting live over bingocams.  A wide range of charitable causes have organized these events with great success.  These causes include the Make a Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and Habitat for Humanity.

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Online Bingo News Flash!

The Rank group, renowned for the likes of G Casino, Mecca Bingo and of course Blue Square have launched a brand new online bingo site. The new site is aptly named Blue Square Bingo. Rumours suggest that in the next month, Rank will be launching an advertising campaign which will include TV advertising.

One of the great aspects of the new online bingo site is the great range of online slots available in the lobby which includes classics such as Cleopatra and Elvis. We are tipping Blue Square Bingo to become very popular amongst UK bingo players!

Also of note is the fact that Dream Bingo has been relaunched with an instant no deposit £15 bonus!

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